Tronbike Meter (TBM) 4.0.0 Test Ride

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tronbike 3.0 is Alive and Kicking

The last 2 bolts for the last 2 cables were connected tonight, and now registering 61 volts energy I revved up Tronbike 3.0.

I need to confirm the charging works, then insulate the lugs a bit, and ride it around if I like.
Its been a while, not sure I will like :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

You're Going the Wrong Way

Memorial Day weekend. Bought a chunk of metal to get those batteries re-mounted and installed,
maybe get it ready to wire up to ride next weekend.

But alas, visions of a plywood battery box, and then removing/spreading the motor mounts to
put batteries in side by side, then finally, a realization that 16 inches could get me 3 batteries in
a nice, neat row. Yes, but I need an inch or 2, please. Move the motor back, or at least pivot
it upwards, cut the excess material at the mount.

More bolts come off, the chain master link is disconnected, and the pulley puller is activated. The motor
drops off, the mount is in my hands, oily/grimy. sort of unexpected that this is a "clean EV".

I trace a cardboard mount and place it in the gaping hole where the motor was. The goal is to figure out where and how much of the mount I can cut, first measure/cut in cardboard. The motor controller
is in the way, and likely next to come off. In pieces, this thing could be sold off/removed very quickly
if  I get tired or do not get my act together!

I hope to sneak in 3 batteries, standing upright, on the bottom row, then 2 on a higher row, with space
for the controller or a 6th battery. All lines and metal nice and straight, boxlike, no funky angles or hacks. A simple box.

I'd love to hang the motor out on the left side - it would become exposed/outboard, and it actually would then spin in its proper/designed direction.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am slowly rebuilding the blog after a disastrous attempt to consolidate my Google properties. Moving a blogger account to a different administrator does nothing for images and youtube videos linked to the original, now destroyed account. I should have backups of each image, but its brutal to find/organize the relationship to the blog posts. Now if I could only get around to rebuilding the actual tronbike...